Holidays and or Events

Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Day Thursday
Dec. 11 Full Moon Wednesday
Dec. 21 1st Day of Winter Saturday
Dec. 25 Christmas Day Wednesday
Dec. 31 New Years Eve Thursday
Jan. 1 2020 New Year's Day Wednesday
Jan. 10 Full Moon Friday
Jan. 20 Martin Luther King Jr Day Monday
Jan. 25 Chinese New Year Saturday
Feb. 02 Groundhog Day Monday
Feb. 09 Full Moon Sunday
Feb. 14 Valentine's Day Friday
Feb. 17 President's Day Monday
Mar. 09 Full Moon Monday
Mar. 08 Daylight Savings Begins +1 Hour Sunday
Mar. 17 St. Patrick's Day Tuesday
Mar. 19 1st Day of  Spring Thursday
Apr. 01 April Fools Day Wednesday
Apr. 08 Full Moon Wednesday
Apr. 12 Easter Sunday
Apr. 15 Tax Day Wednesday
May 05 Cinco de Mayo Tuesday
May 07 Full Moon Thursday
May 10 Mother's Day Sunday
May 24 Armed Forces Day Saturday
May 25 Memorial Day Monday
June 05 Full Moon Friday
June 14 Flag Day Sunday
June 21 Father's Day Sunday
July 04 Independence Day Saturday
July 04 Full Moon Saturday
Aug. 03 Full Moon Monday
Sep. 01 Full Moon Tuesday
Sep. 07 Labor Day Monday
Sep. 22 1st Day of Fall Tuesday
Oct 01 Full Moon Thursday
Oct. 12 Columbus Day Monday
Oct. 31 Full Moon (Blue Moon) Saturday
Nov. 01 Daylight Savings Begins +1 Hour Sunday
Nov. 03 Election Day Tuesday
Nov. 11 Veterans Day Wednesday
Nov. 26 Thanksgivings Day Thursday
Nov. 30 Full Moon Monday
Dec. 07 Pearl Day Monday
Dec. 21 1st Day of Winter Monday
Dec. 25 Christmas Day Friday
Dec. 29 Full Moon Tuesday