1.    FCC Password                 1st time 

2.  FCC Password Reset       Reset PW

3.  To pay the Fee, you will need a Password and your FRN.

4.  FCC Help #1                   

5.  FCC Help #2            

6.  Cores Help                         Sample Password  1 or 2 for item 7

7.  Pay Aplication Fee            1234567890#UL   and

8. Apply for Vanity                  Change U to Uppercase letter

9. Apply for a free FRN           Change L to  Lower case letter

10. NCVEC    NCVEC Question Pool & VEC list    link to their exam sessions?

11. To Pay the FCC Fee  

    a. get a Password use 1 or 2

    b Pay Fee----------- use 7

12.    Any change to a club call sign

                A.   Anchorage ARC VEC

         B.   ARRl VEC

         C.   W4VEC VEC

         D.   W5YI  VEC

12. No call sign search FRN

13. Question Pool dates and part 97

14. Study Guide use Amazon for free shipping with prime. (Type in Amateur Radio study guide Gordon.)

                New question pool for Extra class 7-1-24)                                                                                             (Your option Gordon  West or ARRL manual)


Payment Process - ULS Individual Filers | Federal Communications Commission (fcc.gov)

Click Pay $35.00  help Above