Sunnyvale VEC     W6VEC   Amateur Radio Exams for the FCC.        

Last update  Nov.  19     7:00   AM   (PST)   

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  Mega Millions  Nov.  20   139 M   SuperLotto   Nov.  21  24  M    Powerball     Nov.  21  139 M 
  Happy Holidays
  Nov. 22, Thanksgiving
  Nov. 22, Full Moon Thursday
  Dec. 08, Sunnyvale Exam Session at 10:30 AM  De Anza park MAP  please bring
  Dec. 10, New Call signs for the Sunnyvale Exam Session  Monday  Before 8 AM
  Dec. 21, Redwood City Exam Session at 10:30 AM
  Dec. 21, First Day of Winter Thursday
  Dec. 22, Full Moon Saturday
  Dec. 23. New Call signs for the Redwood City exam session    Monday before 8 AM
  Dec. 25, Christmas
  Dec. 31, New Years Eve  Monday
  Jan. 01, 2019 New Years Day Tuesday
  Federal Holidays  Full Moon
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