For fast check In,
Our Exam fee is $15.00 Cash per Exam Session.
All elements are given, walk ins only.
Please get a FRN from the FCC before the Exam session.
Please bring a copy of your new FRN number,
The FCC removed SSN option, please get a FRN,      Need a New FRN
  ULS how request your email on data sent to ULS.     12/02/2020
Picture ID
A copy of your License, 
Paper License or paperless License.
FCC Call signs search.
Picture ID
If you have a Pending License, we will need to see your CSCE.
The FCC FRN has 10 numbers.
If you have a Amateur radio call sign, look for your FRN.
CSCE's from a previous test session, Original and a photocopy.
Please use our Calculator.
Cut-off time is 30 minutes after starting time.
For our Exam Locations, Click.
Old, Technician Plus to General upgrade without taking an Exam,
you must show proof your Technician Plus was issued before 3/21/1987.
Link to FCC for credit for the old Technician Plus--Credit for 3/21/87- 3B
Question Pool dates
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Sunnyvale, CA
408 255-9000   24/Hour     
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