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Mega Aug. 16   82 M ---Power  Aug.  17  56  66 M -- Suprelotto Aug.  17  16  M
  Sept. 05, Labor Day and a Federal Holiday  - Monday
  Sept. 10, Sunnyvale Exam session at Washington park, Saturday 10:30 AM & Full Moon    Map    Bring 
  Sept. 12, New Call Signs for the Sunnyvale Exam session on - Monday
  Sept. 22, 1st day of Fall - Thursday
  Oct.  01,  CQP or California QSo party
  Oct.  08, Sunnyvale Exam Session, De Anza Park , Saturday 10:30 AM
  Oct.  09, Full Moon - Monday
  Oct.  10, Columbus Day and a Federal Holiday  - Monday
  Oct,  31, Halloween - Monday
  Nov. 06, Daylight Saving time ends   -1 Hour - Sunday
  Nov. 08, Election day& Full Moon- Tuesday
  Nov. 11, Veterans Day and a Federal Holiday - Friday
  Nov. 12, Sunnyvale exams Session, De anza Park, Saturday 10:30 AM
  Nov. 24, Thanking Day - Thursday
  Dec. 07, Full Moon - Wednesday
  Dec. 12, Sunnyvale Exam session at Washington park, Saturday 10:30 AM
  Dec. 21, 1st Day of Winter -Wednesday
  Dec. 25, Christmas Day - Sunday
  Dec. 31, New year's Eve -Saturday
  Jan. 01,  New Year's Day 2023 - Sunday
  Jan. 02,  Holiday New year's Day - Monday
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